Slacker-Pop artist from NW Pennsylvania / living & working in Omaha, NE.

Week 14 of ‘Vi Meets World’.
Throwback to my first international group exhibition in April 2008 @ The Pierro Gallery of South Orange in New Jersey. The exhibit was curated by Laurel Ptak of I❤️Photograph (now defunct). Huge thanks to @dg350 for the photo & driving 6 hrs from NW PA to NJ so I could see the exhibit!!
Just a couple chairs sitting around in an alley.
A COUSE IN WATER - just a little digital fun while fueling up on my morning coffee before working on bigger projects for the day.
It’s been over a month since having a weekend day off & it’s been pretty chill. Dog Park, working on art, & drinking sodas.
Week 13 of ‘Vi Meets World’.
throwback to the aftermath of Tuesday night’s excursion.
Mattress & box spring in “still good enough” condition near an apartment building’s alley. 
Sorry for the lowlight night photo, but it didn’t stay up long enough for me to get a day photo, I guess the preschool on Harney doesn’t like dogs.
Week 12 of ‘Vi Meets World’. 
There was a big monkey holding a sign painted on the side of a smoke shop on Leavenworth a month ago, but it got painted over. | the skull got caught in a thunderstorm. |#keepomahagoodweird #midtownomaha #omahastreetart #skull
Was asked to make some show handbills today for my dude @connyfranko ; decided to feature his pup Julio! Go checking him on Sept. 6th at The Waiting Room in Omaha!!
Covering all my social media bases now. Now you can 👍 me on Facebook if that’s still you’re thing. | facebook.com/imcouse
Week 11 of ‘Vi Meets World’
This little dude got fixed last night so it wasn’t so droopy.