Week 12 of ‘Vi Meets World’. 
There was a big monkey holding a sign painted on the side of a smoke shop on Leavenworth a month ago, but it got painted over. | the skull got caught in a thunderstorm. |#keepomahagoodweird #midtownomaha #omahastreetart #skull
Was asked to make some show handbills today for my dude @connyfranko ; decided to feature his pup Julio! Go checking him on Sept. 6th at The Waiting Room in Omaha!!
Covering all my social media bases now. Now you can 👍 me on Facebook if that’s still you’re thing. |
Week 11 of ‘Vi Meets World’
This little dude got fixed last night so it wasn’t so droopy.
Week 10 of ‘Vi Meets World’ 
I have a hard time wanting to repeat pieces; I’m curious how a piece will turn out & then move on when it’s completed. On strong suggestion by my good friend Eric, I’m going to explore the skull in water in a 9 piece series. 2nd piece in the works, 1st on the floor, & 3rd getting ready to start. #wip
'SKULL IN WATER' - 24”x24” - printed illustration on custom painted 1/2” thick wood square - acrylic paint & mod podge.
Week 9 of ‘Vi Meets World’
My Warren Buffett eating a Reuben illustration was included as 1 of 7 We Don’t Coast postcards given away at the launch party today; each card features a different local Omaha artist.
Angry Volcano is angry about people driving in the rain w/ their headlights off.
‘Handwash on Composition Pattern’ - 24”x24”
one of a kind hand colored print on custom painted 1/2” thick wood square
acrylic, prismacolor markers, mod podge
Week 8 of ‘Vi Meets World’
The first Goldblum seen in the wild!